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2014 is here! Forget resolutions…if you’re tired of being “stuck” and you want to take hold of your life and you feel that the time is NOW – to look, perform and most importantly feel amazing (and super confident) then this ultimate Body and Mind Transformation is for women just like you

In just 61 days we’ll help you get “unstuck” (this is key to amazing results, and ones you can keep long term), transform your body to the one you want, get you back to your best shape ever, while giving you the knowledge and confidence to keep it.

Who this is for:

  • For Women Who Are Looking To Feel Empowered And Not Only Look Great But Feel Awesome Inside And Out
  • For Women Who Are Committed To Getting Results…..And Keeping Them
  • For Women Who Care About Looking, Feeling And Performing Great
  • For Women Who Want To Know How To Eat and Train To Lose Fat And Sculpt Their Muscles
  • For Women That Want To Learn Strategies That Can Become a Lifestyle With No Complicated Meal Plans And Weighing Food, etc.
  • For Women That Want To Feel Strong (In Every Way, Inside And Out)
  • For Women That Are Looking For A Challenging Yet Supportive Environment (Inside and Outside Of The Gym)

Who this is NOT for:

  • Women Who Don’t Care About Being Healthy As Long As They Are Lean
  • Women Who Are Not Committed to Results And Positive Change
  • Women Who Want to Spend Hours on The Treadmill
  • Women Who Don’t Want To Lift Weights
  • Women Looking For A Miracle Magic Pill or Quick Fix
  • Women Who Can’t Walk Away From Bad Influences
  • Women Who Can’t Say No To Glass Of Wine, Ice Cream And Pizza The Majority Of The Time
  • Women Who Are Looking For Serious Results Without Putting In The Effort

What you will get:

  • Training, Nutrition and Mindset Seminar to Get You Started On The Right Track – Week One
  • 2 Small Group Personal Training Sessions A Week
  • Unlimited Metabolic Team Training
  • Individualized Nutritional Guidance Based On Your Goals And Body Type
  • Weekly Group Coaching Meeting Where We Answer Training, Nutritional Or Mindset Questions You Have Problems With
  • Supplement Guide For Everything You Will Need
  • Accountability Group To Ensure You Are On Track And All Your Questions Get Answered
  • (Optional) HRV Technology To Completely Customize Your Training Specifically For You On Any Given Day

With commitment comes results: